Turkish eVisa Requirements for Vietnamese

Turkey visa for Vietnam

Turkey is a country that sits at the intersection of different cultures, histories, continents and even cuisines, which makes it an attractive travel destination for all sorts of travelers, including Vietnamese citizens.

A clear proof of that is the number of Vietnam passport holders that visited Turkey in 2018: nearly 10,000 nationals chose the intercontinental country as their tourist epicenter. This figure doubles the amount of Vietnamese who were welcomed by Turkey in previous years.

One of the factors involved in this explosive growth and interest might be the existence of a new electronic travel authorization provided by the Turkish government. This means travelers from Vietnam can now apply for the new Turkish eVisa if they plan to travel to the country for business or tourism.

It is relatively easy to apply as the applicant is only required to fill out an online application with their details instead of having to visit a local Turkish embassy or consulate.

This eVisa is only open to travelers from a certain number of countries based on the agreements they have with the Turkish government. Vietnam is one of the 100 countries whose travelers can make use of the new Turkish eVisa in order to travel to the country.

Turkey e-Visa Criteria for Vietnam Citizens

As part of the application process, travelers are required to ensure they meet the basic criteria for the eVisa before applying. The criteria include:

  • A valid Vietnamese passport with a minimum validity of 150 days from the date of arrival
  • An email address where updates and notifications regarding the application can be sent
  • A valid debit/credit card

Passport validity is an important criterion for applying for the Turkish eVisa. Travelers who do not meet the necessary passport requirements might want to consider renewing their passport in order to acquire or maintain eligibility for the Turkish eVisa.

Travelers must also get the required vaccinations needed for traveling to the country. It is recommended that travelers see their doctors at least 6 weeks ahead of their planned departure of the country in order to complete their vaccinations.

Turkish Online Visa Application as Vietnamese

Vietnamese travelers who meet the eligibility criteria required for applying for the Turkish eVisa can fill out an online Turkish eVisa application.

Travelers should note that each individual traveler will require their own separate eVisa even if they are traveling as part of a group or with family.

The application will require each traveler to list their personal, passport, and other travel details. Applicants will also be required to answer some security questions related to their travel.

It is quite imperative for travelers to ensure that they are answering all the necessary questions in an honest manner and making sure all the details are as accurate as possible. Erroneous or faulty information can cause delays in the processing of the travelers’ application and may have other negative consequences impacting their travel to the country.

Once travelers have verified that they have entered the information on the online application exactly as it appears on their travel documents, they can move on to the next step in the application process which is, payment.

Since the Turkish eVisa is an online visa service, travelers are required to pay a processing fee using a valid debit/credit card. Travelers can then review the information they have entered one last time before submitting the application.

Traveling to Turkey with an eVisa from Vietnam

Vietnamese travelers who have submitted an online Turkish eVisa application, can expect to receive an email regarding the status of their application within 3 business days. Travelers are encouraged to apply for the eVisa at least 72 hours before their intended travel to the country in order to receive their eVisa in time for their travel to the country.

If the Turkish eVisa application has been approved, travelers will receive their eVisa via email. It will then be the responsibility of the travelers to keep a soft copy of their eVisa on their phone/tablet or other handheld electronic device to be presented along with their passport to Turkish Border control officials once they arrive at a Turkish airport. It is also recommended to carry a print-out of the eVisa as well for convenience.

The Turkish eVisa can be used for single or multiple entries into Turkey with a maximum of 90-day stay in the country within a 180-day period. This means that travelers can apply for the Turkish eVisa twice within the same year if they meet the necessary criteria for applying.

Important: Besides the airports of entry to Turkey, there are also land borders available for tourists, including Vietnamese travelers. If Vietnamese nationals arrive by sea, they need to know the eVisa conditions as well.

Is Turkey Visa on Arrival Available for Vietnamese?

Some countries offer the possibility to access their countries with a visa on arrival, also called VoA. This type of travel authorization is managed by travelers when they arrive in the respective port of entry.

Turkey gives the chance to apply for a visa on arrival to citizens of only a few countries. Vietnam is not one of them. However, there are other Turkish tourist visas available for nationals of Vietnam that can be processed electronically.