Turkey Visa for Ugandan Citizens

Turkish government implemented an easy and quick travel authorization system for travelers wanting to visit the country: the Turkish eVisa. This electronic travel permit is available for more than 100 countries including Ugandan citizens.

The e-Visa for Turkey has been designed to promote tourism by simplifying the process of getting a visa, which means Ugandan nationals do not need to go in-person to a consulate or embassy to obtain a travel permit.

Turkish Visa Requirements for Uganda

Ugandan nationals are able to apply for and obtain the Turkish eVisa. However, the Turkish government has set a number of Turkey’s eVisa requirements that Ugandan citizens must meet to ensure a smooth visa application process.

These requirements include:

  • Having a Ugandan passport with a validity of at least 150 days from the date of arrival in Turkey
  • Having a visa or permit of residence from one of the Schengen area countries, or from Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States (the electronic format of these permits will not be considered valid)
  • Having a valid email address to receive the electronic visa
  • Having valid debit/credit card information to pay the visa processing fee

If citizens of Uganda have a passport expired or that does not meet the validation requirements, they shall renew it before starting the application.

Ugandans also need to pay attention to other requirements related to security and health issues. For instance, travelers entering Turkey with a criminal record might have to present further information when applying to the electronic visa.

In terms of the Ugandan citizen’s health, they are advised to visit a doctor prior to the trip to Turkey to verify all required vaccinations are correct.

If the reason to visit Turkey is tourism, business, or transit, Ugandan citizens may apply for an eVisa. Otherwise, candidates looking to work, study, or stay longer in the country will be requested to get another type of visa also offered by Turkey in their offices.

Turkey eVisa Application for Ugandan Travelers

Ugandan citizens that meet the entry visa requirements are entitled to submit the Turkish eVisa online form.

Candidates will have to fulfill the form by inputting their personal information containing:

  • Name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • Country of citizenship
  • Passport dates (expiry and issuance) and number, as well as a copy of the biographical page
  • Contact details, including an email address and phone number

The Turkish eVisa also demands an online fee payment that must be made with a valid debit or credit card.

While filling up the online form, Ugandan applicants must be very careful and double-check as many times as needed since any mistake might cause delay or denial.

If a Turkey electronic visa is rejected, then Ugandan nationals can still take action to revert this decision.

Ugandan citizens requesting an eVisa that has been completed, submitted, and paid will receive an email with the outcome to the address provided. Most messages are delivered within the following 24 hours, and not later than 72 hours.

Ugandans with a Turkey eVisa: What to do after receiving the travel permit

Once the e-Visa to Turkey is received by Ugandans, they must print out a copy and keep it with them during the rest of the trip, in case an immigration officer requests it. Other important documents, such as passport and airplane tickets, are also relevant to keep in hand.

When approved, the eVisa for Turkey has a duration of 180 days. This information is key for Ugandans visiting the country, as well as the fact that the maximum stay is of 30 consecutive days.

The Ugandan visitor is responsible to observe these dates and timeframes are met since there will be no advice or reminder on the Turkish authority’s behalf. However, overstaying an electronic visa for Turkey could cause sanctions or visa cancelation.

Traveling to Turkey From Uganda

Locals are warm and welcoming in Turkey and will do everything they can to help tourists feel at home during your stay.

Whether they are a Ugandan man or a woman traveling solo to the transnational country, here are a few recommendations on staying safe and feeling secure in Turkey:

  • It is recommended to book a group tour or excursion with an agency or through your hotel. Ugandan travelers should avoid people offering tours in the street
  • Ugandans are advised to not mention they are traveling alone
  • Citizens of Uganda can also buy a pre-paid phone line at the airport to stay in touch with family or friends
  • Travelers must keep their alcohol intake to a minimum
  • Visitors from Uganda are advised to avoid going out alone after dark

Ugandan nationals should be aware of scams, especially strangers inviting you for a drink.