Turkey eVisa Requirements for Tanzanian Citizens

Obtaining a Turkish visa for Tanzanian citizens can be done online thanks to Turkey’s electronic visa (eVisa) system. The Turkey eVisa is easy to apply for and allows citizens of Tanzania to visit for up to a month.

A Tanzanian applicant must meet certain requirements and have the correct documentation to be granted an eVisa for Turkey.

The Turkey eVisa allows Tanzanian nationals to visit the country for both tourism and business and experience everything this transcontinental country has to offer.

Documents Needed to Travel to Turkey as a Tanzanian

In order to enter Turkey, Tanzanian travelers need the following documents:

  • A valid Turkish visa
  • A passport that will be valid for at least 6 months

A Turkish visa is needed by all Tanzanian visitors, whether they arrive in the country by air, land, or sea.

Tanzanian nationals are not eligible for the Turkey visa on arrival and must obtain a permit in advance.

Travelers with a stopover in Turkey may require a transit visa if they leave the airport.

There are a number of different Turkey tourist visas. The most convenient for eligible applicants is the Turkish eVisa, which can be requested online, rather than having to attend an interview at an embassy.

Are Citizens of Tanzania Eligible for a Turkish eVisa?

It is possible to apply online for an eVisa for Turkey from Tanzania, providing the traveler meets certain criteria.

However, not all Tanzanian citizens are eligible for the eVisa. Those who do not meet the requirements for the eVisa may request a Turkey visa with a Tanzanian passport at a Turkish embassy.

Turkish Visa Requirements for Tanzania

The requirements for Tanzanian nationals to be eligible to apply for an electronic visa (eVisa) for Turkey are as follows.

Firstly, Tanzanian travelers must already be in possession of a valid visa or residence permit from one of the following sovereign states (eVisas from these countries are not accepted):

  • Ireland
  • The United Kingdom (UK)
  • The United States of America (USA)
  • Any member state of the Schengen Area

Tanzanians must also have the following and provide supporting documentation as part of their eVisa application:

  • A hotel reservation
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover their trip (at least (US$50 per day)
  • Proof of onward travel, e.g. a return ticket
  • A passport with a minimum of 6 months’ validity from the date of arrival in Turkey

The Turkey eVisa allows Tanzanian travelers to enter the country for the purposes of tourism and business for up to 30 days.

For longer visits or to live, work, or study in Turkey, Tanzanians are required to obtain the relevant visa and permits from a Turkish embassy.

Turkey eVisa Application for Tanzanian Travelers

To obtain an eVisa for Turkey, Tanzanian nationals must complete a quick online application form. This is a straightforward process that usually takes a matter of minutes to fill in.

Applicants from Tanzania must submit the following details:

  • Basic personal information, e.g. name, nationality
  • Passport details, e.g. passport number, expiry date
  • A current email address
  • Answers to health and travel questions
  • Supporting documents

When filling in the online eVisa form, the Tanzanian citizen should have their passport to hand as well as a payment method, such as a debit or credit card.

Before submitting the Turkey eVisa application form, it is essential to check all the information carefully, as even small errors can cause the process to be delayed or even rejected.

The majority of applications for the Turkey visa online for Tanzania are processed in 24-72 hours.

The approved Turkey eVisa is sent to the Tanzanian national to the email account they provided.

Although the visa is electronic, it is advisable to print a copy of the Turkish eVisa and keep it on your person when traveling to the country in case it is required by border control officials.

Turkey eVisa Travel Restrictions for Tanzanian Travelers

The Turkish eVisa for Tanzanian citizens is valid for a single entry to the country. If the traveler wishes to return to Turkey, they must reapply.

Tanzanian visitors who wish to stay longer than 30 days will either have to leave the country and return or obtain a consular visa that covers the length of time they intend to remain in Turkey.

It is the responsibility of the Tanzanian traveler to abide by the terms and conditions of their Turkish visa. If they remain in the country longer than permitted, this may count against them if they ever wish to travel to Turkey in the future.

Why Visit Turkey with the eVisa for Tanzanian Nationals?

Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey is a country with a rich history and culture. With coastlines on both the Mediterranean and Black Sea, 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a warm climate, Turkey is a popular tourist destination, attracting thousands of international visitors each year.

While many visitors come to see the historic city of Istanbul and architectural marvels like the Hagia Sophia, more and more business visitors are coming to Turkey, particularly to the modern, cosmopolitan capital of Ankara.