Turkey Visa Requirements for Taiwanese

Turkish visa: apply online

Turkey is one of the world top tourist destinations attracting visitors from both Asia and Europe, the two continents it joins together, as well as travelers from other parts of the world. In this regard, Turkey welcomed almost 100,000 Taiwanese citizens over the course of 2018, which represented a relevant growth of around 35% compared to previous years.

The country’s history serving as the capital for both the Roman and Byzantine empires is enough to make people curious about its evolution, architecture, geography, and natural scenery.

Moreover, the introduction of a new visa processing system now allows people from a select number of countries to obtain the necessary travel authorizations in order to visit Turkish territory for tourism or business purposes.

Travelers applying for the Turkish eVisa can obtain the required travel authorizations in a relatively short amount of time, and also avoid the time-consuming visits to a local embassy or consulate. This is due to the fact that the Turkish eVisa can be obtained electronically within a matter of days following a few simple steps.

Turkish eVisa Eligibility for Citizens of Taiwan

Taiwanese citizens are eligible to obtain a Turkish eVisa in order to travel to the country. Before beginning the application process, Taiwanese citizens must ensure they fulfill the following basic requirements needed to travel to the country:

  • Having a valid Taiwanese passport which will be valid for at least 150 days after the traveler arrives in Turkey
  • A current email address where updates can be sent regarding the eVisa application
  • A debit or credit card which is valid for making payments online

Travelers may want to consider getting immunized before traveling to Turkey. There are a few basic immunizations that are recommended for travelers going to any foreign country including Turkey.

It is recommended that travelers begin the vaccination sequence at least 6 weeks prior to their departure for Turkey in order to have all in place before their travel to the country.

How to Apply for Turkey eVisa from Taiwan

The Turkish eVisa application process is quite simple. Travelers will need to fill out an online application with the following basic information:

  • Full name
  • Date/place of birth
  • Passport number
  • Date of issuance/expiration
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Taiwanese travelers can also expect to provide details regarding their travel plans as well as answer some basic security questions related to their health and possible criminal records, as part of completing the online application process.

Travelers are required to provide only the most accurate information on the form that matches the information shown on the traveler’s passport.

Most delays or visa denials occur as a result of erroneous or faulty information provided on the eVisa application. Therefore, travelers must review the information they have entered on the form to ensure its accuracy before submitting the application for processing.

Before submitting the application, Taiwanese travelers will also need to pay the required visa processing fee using a valid debit or credit card that can be used for making online payments.

It should be noted also that each traveler will require their own eVisa in order to travel to the country. This is irrespective of whether the travelers are part of a group or traveling together with other family members.

Entering Turkey as Taiwanese National

Once travelers have submitted the Turkish eVisa application, they will receive updates on their pending eVisa application via email.

The processing on a Turkish online visa application can take up to 3 business days, after which the visa is either granted or denied. Either way, the applicant will be informed of the decision on their application via email.

If the traveler’s eVisa application has been approved, they will receive their electronic visa via email as well.

Taiwanese travelers must print out a copy of their Turkish eVisa or have a soft copy available to show Turkish Border Control officials once they arrive in Turkey in order to be granted entry.

The Turkish eVisa will list the number of entries allowed into the country, which in the case of Taiwan equals a single-entry visa. It will also list the maximum duration of stay that is allowed for the traveler, which in the case of Taiwanese travelers, is 90 days within a given 180-day period.

In terms of the ports of entry, Turkey can be accessed by Taiwan passport holders by sea, air and land borders.

Are Taiwanese Able to Obtain Turkey Visa on Arrival?

Many nations around the globe allow travelers to apply for a visa on arrival, most known as VoA. This is the case of Turkey, which offers the chance to obtain a VoA to citizens of 37 countries only. Taiwanese nationals are not part of this group; however, they are able to apply for other Turkey tourist visas.