Turkey Online Visa for Sudanese Citizens

Each year, about 43 million international travelers come to Turkey, a group that comprehends people from diverse countries, including Sudan.

One of the key factors to this massive arrival of visitors, besides the obvious attractions the transnational country has to offer, is the fact of having an electronic travel authorization system called Turkey eVisa, which can be enjoyed by Sudanese citizens and nationals of over 100 countries.

The eVisa to Turkey has many advantages since the whole process is made online, and there is no need to set appointments in a Turkey official mission or immigration office.

The eVisa enables the visitors from Sudan to travel to Turkey by any means, air, sea, or land, and since the travel permit is issued electronically, they can go to Turkey with the peace fo mind and assurance about the entry upon arrival.

Turkey Online Visa Requirements for Citizens of Sudan

Sudanese travelers need to abide by some Turkey visa requirements when applying online

These requirements or prerequisites include the following:

  • A valid Sudanese passport that expires at least 6 months after the date of entry into Turkey
  • A working email address to keep in touch during the approval time of the application
  • An unexpired debit or credit card with enough funds to cover the eVisa fees online
  • The purpose of the trip should be tourism or business. If Sudanese applicants are looking to work or study, a different type of visa must be reached
  • The duration of the visit has to last no longer than 30 days

In the case of Sudanese travelers, it is also a requirement to have a valid, non-electronic visa or residence permit from a Schengen country, the United Kingdom, Ireland, or the United States of America.

Turkey eVisa validity for Sudanese travelers

Sudanese citizens are only entitled to enter for up to 30 days, with the single-entry Turkish eVisa. This means that travelers from this country are only able to use their electronic visas for Turkey to enter one single time.

Sudanese nationals holding a Turkey online visa will have to keep track of the time they spend in the country since immigration officials will not alert of the time spent. Citizens of Sudan are advised that overpassing the permitted period may incur penalties like visa voiding or even deportation.

Once the visitors of Sudan are already in Turkey, if they wish to extend their Turkey tourist visa, they can visit immigration officials, an embassy, or police station to consult the necessary action that they must take.

Turkey eVisa Application Process for Sudanese Nationals

To start the application process online, Sudanese nationals can use any device, whether it be desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone from the comfort of their home or office. Another condition will be having an Internet connection.

Sudanese citizens will be asked to provide some personal information when completing the Turkish eVisa online form, enlisted next:

  • Name and last name as it appears on the passport
  • Birthdate and location
  • Nationality
  • Passport data, for instance, issuance date, due date, and number
  • Personal and current email address
  • Applicant phone number

Afterward, Sudanese nationals will be requested to answer some questions concerning the health and criminal history that permits Turkish authorities to determine the eligibility of the applicant to enter the country without compromising its integrity and safety.

Finally, applicants from Sudan will need to check that all the information provided is correct in order to avoid the rejection of the Turkey eVisa. If everything is correct, then Sudanese travelers can proceed to pay the processing fees involved.

Processing time for the Turkey eVisa from Sudan

The approval process of the eVisa for Turkey will take no longer than 72 hours and the least could be one day. However, and to ensure a pleasant and comfortable journey of Sudanese nationals, it is strongly recommended to begin the online application with proper anticipation.

When the eVisa has been granted by the Turkish immigration officials, an email will be sent to the Sudanese applicant with the instructions. First of all, they must print the letter and keep it along with them, so this document can be presented upon arrival in any of the valid ports of entry.

Sudanese are now ready to travel to Turkey and have a great time exploring and enjoying all its wonders and outstanding people and culture.