Turkey Visa for Citizens of Spain

UPDATE: From March 2nd, 2020, citizens of Spain are not required to apply for an Electronic Visa to enter Turkey.

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The government of Turkey has implemented the Turkey electronic travel authorization system, among other programs, in an effort to improve and promote tourism in Turkey. Travelers from 100 countries, including Spain, are eligible to apply for a digital Turkey eVisa. Using this internet-based system makes the process of obtaining a visa for Turkey easier and more efficient, eliminating the time and effort involved in visiting a local embassy or consulate. Instead, Spanish travelers can apply for a visa online within minutes. Upon approval, they will receive a Turkey eVisa in just a few days.

A growing number of tourists from around the world are traveling to Turkey to explore its cultural and natural wonders. Turkey offers loads of interesting sites and activities for travelers, such as ancient ruins, sprawling artisanal markets, and peaceful beaches.

Turkey eVisa Requirements for Spanish Citizens

Although Spanish citizens are able to get a Turkish eVisa online without having to visit their local embassy or consulate, prior to initiating the application process, it is key to know the Turkish government’s traveler prerequisites. In order to meet the eVisa for Turkey requirements, a Spanish traveler will need to:

  • Ensure their passport will be valid for 6 months or more from the date of entry into Turkey
  • Submit a valid email address
  • Provide personal information as well as information regarding the traveler’s passport
  • Submit valid debit/credit card information

Prior to booking a trip to Turkey, all Spanish passport holders will need to ensure that their passports will be valid for at least six months. Travelers from Spain would need to renew their passport before applying for a Turkey eVisa, if the expiration date on their passport is within six months. If this is the case, the individual may need to delay their travel dates, taking into account the amount of time it will take to receive the renewed passport.

Applying online for a eVisa for Turkey from Spain

Once the Spanish traveler has double-checked that they meet the basic requirements of the Turkish government, he or she can apply for the eVisa online to get it promptly. Spanish citizens are encouraged to fill out the Turkey e-Visa application form and send it in for approval.

Turkish eVisa for Spanish Citizens

The form requires some biographical information from the traveler, including full name, birth date and country of origin, as well as specific details such as passport number and date of expiry. Spanish applicants must give their email address, as well, to which the eVisa will be mailed once their application is approved. A processing fee must be paid using a valid debit or credit card for the processing of the eVisa application.

Once the application is complete, users are given the chance to confirm that the information they’ve entered is correct and finish up the process by submitting the application.

All of the information entered on the application form has to precisely match the information from on the applicant’s passport and travel documents. If it fails to do so, the eVisa application could be denied. Even if the eVisa were granted, the traveler could be turned away and unable to enter Turkey due to the invalid visa.

We recommend applying for your Turkish e-visa a minimum of 48 hours (2 days) before your trip in order to have a stress-free vacation.

Travel to Turkey from Spain with an approved eVisa

Once their eVisa application has been submitted, most applicants will receive the Turkey eVisa in their email within 3 business days. If any extra processing is required on the application, it could take longer. After a Spanish citizen receives the eVisa, they are advised to save a digital copy on their phone or device. Travelers will also need to take a printed copy along with them on the journey to Turkey.

At the Turkish port of entry upon arrival, travelers must show a printout of the Visa, as well as their other travel documents to the immigration control officers.