Turkish Visa Requirements for Kenyans

Turkey is one of the world’s most exciting destinations. Visitors come from all over to enjoy this country’s rich history, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine.

In 2018, Turkey was ranked 6th on the World Tourism Organization’s list of the most-visited countries. Turkey received just over 46 million tourists that year, welcoming more than 7,000 Kenyan citizens.

To enter Turkey, visitors from most countries must have a visa. To accommodate an ever-increasing influx of travelers, Turkey launched its electronic visa, or e-Visa program, in 2013. This enables foreign nationals from over 90 countries to easily obtain their visas from anywhere with an internet connection.

Citizens of Kenya are eligible for a Turkey e-Visa. This means Kenyans traveling to Turkey can get their visa without standing in long lines at the consulate or dealing with mountains of paperwork. All they have to do is fill in an online form with their personal and passport information, specify their travel details, and pay the fee. Once they receive their results via email, Kenyan travelers will be ready for the trip of a lifetime.

With just a six-hour flight from Nairobi to Turkey’s cultural capital, Istanbul, Kenyan travelers can stroll through the Grand Bazaar, admire the Hagia Sophia and sip on Turkish coffee for a long-weekend getaway or a month-long trip.

How Can Kenyans Apply for a Turkey eVisa?

To apply for a Turkish e-Visa, Kenyan citizens meeting the requirements set by the Turkish government must first collect relevant documents, including their passport and contact information. They can use these to fill out a simple online form, entering their personal details, the dates of their trip, and passport number, as well as the date of issuance and expiry.

Once they review their information to ensure there are no errors, they will pay a non-refundable processing fee.

The application process will take only a few minutes, and Kenyan nationals who apply for a Turkish e-Visa will be sent an email with their results in 24-72 hours. If their e-Visa application is rejected for any reason, they can follow the recommended steps to rectify the situation.

Travelers’ e-Visas will be pulled up electronically by immigration officers at Turkey’s airports or land border checkpoints, but it never hurts to have a printed copy of the e-Visa.

Kenyans Traveling to Turkey: Requirements

Kenyan travelers going to Turkey are required to have the following:

  • A valid passport: It is important that Kenyan nationals use a passport which will be valid for 150 days past the date of their expected arrival in Turkey.
  • Personal information: Before they begin the online application, it is advised that Kenyan travelers make sure they have access to all relevant personal information, such as the place and date of their birth and their parent’s names.
  • A credit or debit card: Kenyan applicants must have a valid form of payment in order to pay the processing fee.
  • Contact information: Kenyan travelers must provide an email address to receive their electronic visa or any pertinent updates. They will also be asked to provide a current address and phone number.

Once Kenyan citizens traveling to Turkey have aggregated these documents and information, they will be ready to fill out the online application and can await email updates about the progress of their application. It is recommended that travelers apply for the Turkey e-Visa at least 72 hours before their expected departure date.

Travel Permits from Kenya to Turkey: Visa Types

Kenyans who use an e-Visa to travel to Turkey are granted a single-entry e-Visa entitling them to one month in Turkey. If they would like to stay longer than thirty days, they can follow instructions to renew or extend their Turkish visas.

Those catching a connecting flight in Turkey will need to apply for a transit visa if they wish to leave the airport even for a few hours. The e-Visa will serve as a transit visa and is required for those who will pass through immigration or stay in Turkey overnight.

Kenyan nationals traveling to Turkey should also note that they are not eligible for on-arrival visas obtained directly at the airport or border checkpoints. If Kenyan travelers would like to work or study in Turkey, they may need a different visa.

Kenyans Traveling to Turkey: Key Considerations

The e-Visa system makes it easier than ever for Kenyan passport holders to travel to Turkey.

In addition to applying for the e-Visa, Kenyan travelers can prepare for their trip to Turkey by making sure they get the appropriate vaccines before their trip. It is recommended that travelers begin this process six weeks before their departure date.

Once the e-Visa has been granted, Kenyan citizens will be able to enjoy all that Turkey has to offer.