Turkey e-Visa for Citizens of Ghana

Thanks to the new electronic travel system implemented by Turkey, mostly known as Turkey eVisa, it is much quicker for Ghanaians to get a travel authorization to visit the country.

There are numerous reasons why visiting Turkey is a great idea. Its vast cultural ethnicity, or the very famous Turkish cuisine; the fabulous landscapes, amongst others, makes it a highly demandable destination. Whether traveling for tourism or business purposes, a visa is still required when entering the country.

Are Ghanian Citizens Eligible for a Turkish Online Visa?

Ghana is among the list of countries whose citizens are eligible to request an eVisa without needing to be present at a local consulate or embassy.

Passport holders from Ghana living abroad, do not require to visit a Turkish consulate or embassy to get a travel permit. Instead of waiting long lines, nationals of Ghana can apply for the Turkey eVisa online.

Turkey eVisa Requirements for Ghana

But before proceeding to request an online visa, Ghanaians have to make sure they reunite the essential Turkey visa entry requirements to obtain an online visa:

  • Have a Ghanaian passport with a minimum of 6 months of validity from the intended date of entry
  • Email address. Even though the Turkish electronic visa will be linked to the passport, a printable version of the eVisa is provided in PDF format through email
  • Means of payment, such as a debit or credit card, necessary upon starting the application process. The card does not have to be under the Ghanaian applicant’s name.

Applicants may also be required to answer certain security questions, as well as to provide additional supporting documents.

Turkish e-Visas are admitted for tourism of commercial purposes only. Visas for other purposes need to be made via foreign missions of Turkey.

How to Submit a Turkish Visa as Ghanaian?

The Turkey eVisa online application system has never been so easy. With a two-step application form, it can be done within a matter of minutes, usually taking between 5 to 10 minutes.

The information can also be completed by Ghanaians from any place, home, or office, with the use of a stable Internet connection. No computer-savvy requirements are needed.

In the first step of phase, Ghananian solicitors must provide their personal detailed information, like their full name, address, email, arrival date, passport data, and travel information, among others.

The second part involves the fee payment that will be requested, but not without first doing a quick review of the application form. Corrections will not be permitted once the payment details have been processed. Therefore it is a must, to carefully review the information that has been submitted.

Ghanaians applying for Turkey eVisa: Erroneous or missing information

In case the data was mistakenly imputed, the first thing to do by Ghanain applicants is to contact the customer service department. Once the application is presented, there will be no time for corrections. A new e-Visa for Turkey will be required in such cases.

There are several key points that can be followed in order to avoid a Turkey eVisa from being rejected. First and foremost, before traveling, visitors should first check the Turkey visa requirements to see if they require additional documents.

Also, Ghananian travelers must avoid entering incorrect or false information. In case the records and the passport information differs, the eVisa will be deemed invalid. Even the slightest change in the name may have a negative impact.

Can Ghanaian citizens with double nationality apply for a Turkey electronic visa?

The Turkish eVisa can be requested by Ghanaian nationals, in spite of holding a second nationality, when residing outside of the country, or in the case they hold a valid residence permit.

Ghana nationals can also apply for a Turkey eVisa with a valid Schengen visa, which may be used as a supporting document during the application.

The Schengen visa is accessible to residents of most African and Asian countries.

The only requirement for a visa and/or residence permit to be used by Ghanaians as supporting is that is should still be valid upon entering Turkey.

Turkey eVisa: Processing Times for Ghanaians

Once an application is submitted, the applicant of Ghana can expect to receive the Turkey eVisa by email within the following 3 business days. It can sometimes take longer than that usually depending if there are any additional processing required on the application.

The eVisa for Turkey will be finally linked to the Ghanaian passport. However, it is always of good practice and often recommended to have a hard copy as well as additional documentation besides the passport.