Turkish Online eVisa for Cypriots

Apply for Turkey e-Visa

More than 10,000 Cypriots were welcomed by Turkey over the course of 2018. This figure represents a pattern in terms of the contribution made by Cyprus to the foreign visitors received by the transcontinental country, since it is a solid, steady number almost every year.

In recent years, this group of Cypriot nationals has been able to apply for a Turkey eVisa, which is a new electronic travel authorization introduced by the Turkish government.

This online visa is geared towards making it easier for people to travel to the country, since it can be obtained by travelers from 100 countries around the world that have an agreement with the Turkish government regarding travel/visa policies and protocols.

Cyprus is on the list of countries whose citizens are eligible to apply for the Turkish eVisa online instead of having to visit a local Turkish embassy or consulate to obtain a tourist visa.

Turkey eVisa Requirements for Citizens of Cyprus

Cypriot travelers who are eligible to obtain the Turkish eVisa will need to ensure they submit a successful eVisa application. There are certain criteria that all eligible Turkish online visa applicants will need to meet in order to successfully apply for the eVisa. The criteria include:

  • A valid passport from an eligible country that has a minimum validity of 150 days beyond the date of arrival in Turkey
  • A current email address to receive notifications regarding their pending eVisa application
  • A valid debit or credit card

Cypriot travelers will need to ensure they have the required passport validity for their travel to Turkey. They might want to consider renewing their passport in order to maintain or acquire the validity in order to fulfill the passport requirement for the eVisa application.

There is also a list of common immunizations for traveling to Turkey that travelers can get. It is recommended that travelers begin visiting their doctor at least 6 weeks before their intended travel to Turkey in order to have all their vaccinations completed before they leave for their journey to Turkey.

How to Get a Turkish eVisa From Cyprus

Applying for a Turkish eVisa from Cyprus is a relatively straightforward process that begins with the applicant filling out the online Turkish eVisa application. This application will require travelers to enter some basic information such as:

  • Given name and surname
  • Date of birth and place of birth
  • Passport number
  • Dates of issuance/expiration of passport
  • Contact information, including email address and phone number

Cypriot citizens will also have to provide details regarding their travel plans and answer security questions as part of the application process. Travelers must ensure the information they enter on the eVisa application is accurate and matches the information shown on their passport.

Inaccuracies or faulty information can cause complications in the eVisa application process leading up to and including visa denials.

Travelers will have an opportunity to review in the information they have entered on the application form in order to make necessary corrections as needed. There is also a processing fee associated with applying for the Turkish eVisa and travelers can make the payment using a valid debit or credit card.

Cypriot travelers must note that they must apply for the Turkish eVisa at least 72 hours in advance of their travel to Turkey in order to receive the eVisa in time for their travel to the country.

Each eligible traveler will need their own Turkish eVisa in order to be allowed into the country regardless of whether the traveler is traveling with family or with a group.

Turkish eVisa Process for Cypriot Nationals

Once the traveler has submitted their Turkish eVisa application, it can take up to 3 business days for the processing to be completed on the eVisa application.

There can be additional delays due to national holidays or similar situations in Turkey, therefore, travelers should consider applying for their Turkish eVisa well in advance of their intended travel to the country.

After the processing has been completed on the application, travelers will either be granted or denied a visa and be informed of the decision via email. If the traveler has been approved, they will receive their eVisa via email.

It will then be up to the travelers to print out a copy of the Turkish eVisa or have a soft copy on their phone or other handheld device to be presented at the Turkish border in order to be allowed entry into the country.

The Turkish eVisa will list the maximum duration that the traveler is allowed to stay within Turkey. For Cypriot travelers, a maximum stay of 90 days within a given 180-day period is allowed.

The eVisa will also list the number of entries that are allowed for the traveler as well, which can either be single or multiple entries within the given period depending on the traveler’s nationality. In the case of Cyprus, its nationals can apply only for a single-entry eVisa.

Can I Get a Turkey Visa on Arrival as Cypriot?

The visa on arrival, also known as VoA, is a type of travel authorization obtained in certain ports of entry when travelers arrive in destination. In the case of Turkey, the government only allows 37 countries to apply for a VoA.

Cyprus is not one of the eligible countries to obtain a visa on arrival, therefore Cypriots need to request a Turkish e-Visa if they are thinking on traveling to Turkey.

In the case Cypriots are traveling to other countries, but have a connecting flight in Turkey and need to leave the airport, there is a Turkish transit visa available as well, which can be processed online.