Turkey eVisa for Congolese Citizens

Apply for a Turkey e-Visa

In recent years, Turkish officials have implemented a visa online system to simplify the process of obtaining a travel authorization to enter the country for tourism and commerce purposes.

The Turkish electronic visa is available for more than 90 nationalities and Congo is part of these eligible countries that can apply through the online system, saving time and avoiding consulate and embassy visits.

The process for Congolese nationals to obtain this eVisa is fast, completing the application form takes an average of 10 to 20 minutes and it will require a series of documents and personal information in order to begin the process.

Turkish Online Visa Requirements for Congolese Nationals

Obtaining a Turkish electronic visa is an easy, straightforward process that will require the Congolese applicant to meet important requirements and conditions for the Turkey eVisa.

First of all, the requester from the Republic of Congo must have a working internet connection to start off completing the application form, the application can be done anywhere at any time.

A valid Congolese passport will be needed and should have at least a 6-month validity from the date of travel. Also, they need a current, paper-based residence permit or visa from a Schengen area country, the United Kingdom, Ireland, or the US.

Applicants must enter an active email address to register and receive information about the status of their application process as well as their approved visa.

During the completion of the Turkish eVisa application form, the Congolese national will enter identifying information such as:

  • Name and last name
  • Birthdate
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Address
  • Phone number

Passport information is also required to be filled in like the passport number, issued date, and expiration date. The Congolese applicant should have a digital copy of the passport’s biographical page to submit later on in the application form.


A digital photograph of the Congolese applicant must also be submitted, this photograph must have a white or light-colored background and the applicant´s face should be centered, he or she should not wear any head accessories such as hats or sunglasses otherwise the photograph will be sent back.

Before submitting the application form, the applicant must pay the processing fees with a debit or credit card. If everything is correct, then the eVisa to Turkey will be sent to the Congolese traveler’s email. If not, the Turkish online visa could be rejected, and citizens will have to take the proper measures.

Processing time for the Turkey online visa from Congo

The processing time for the Turkish eVisa takes 1 to 3 days. Congolese travelers are advised to begin the request for a Turkish visa at least 72 hours before the expected travel time, this will ensure the applicant will receive their electronic visa on time.

Once the Congolese national receives their visa, it is not obligated but it is advised to have the electronic visa printed out and carried with at the moment of arriving at any of the Turkish airports or border crossings.

Turkish eVisa validity for Congolese citizens

The Turkish electronic visa has a validity period of 180 days from the date it is approved. Congolese nationals can enter Turkey once during the time of validity, which means the Indian electronic travel permit is a single-entry visa.

If the Congolese visitor wishes to revisit Turkey, they are required to start a new eVisa application process once they are outside of the country.

The time spent inside of Turkey by the Congolese e-visa holder should not exceed the 30 days granted.

Turkish Visa Types for Congo

Turkey offers its visitors different types of visas to enter the country, for Congolese nationals the visa available is the Turkish eVisa, it is requested online and it can be used for tourism and business purposes.

When the Turkish eVisa is used for business purposes these can include attending conferences, visiting partner companies, or events.

The other types of visas to enter Turkey are the Turkey transit Visa and the visa on arrival. The transit visa can be used by those Congolese travelers who are making a quick stop in Turkey and want to leave the airport for a few hours.

The visa on arrival to Turkey is for those eligible nationals who enter the country and request the visa once entered in the airport, Congolese nationals are not eligible for the Turkish visa on arrival.

Turkey visa extensions are available for visitors with probable and reasonable cause to stay in Turkey. In order to request an extension of the Turkish visa, Congolese passengers should visit an embassy, police station, or an immigration office.

Traveling Tips for Congolese Nationals Visting Turkey

Traveling from Congo to Turkey takes an average of 8 hours by airplane, and the distance between the two countries is 2972 miles (4806 km).

This is a long-distance but very smooth trip for those Congolese passengers traveling with a Turkey eVisa since they can avoid long queues at immigration lines if they access the country by one of its permitted entry points.

When planning their trip, Congolese nationals should keep in mind that some vaccinations are required before entering Turkey. Most of them are routine vaccinations, however, it is advisable to visit a medical physician to ensure no additional health-related terms or doses will be required.