Turkey eVisa Requirements for Cambodian Citizens

Since 2013, Turkish officials have implemented an online system to provide electronic visas for those eligible countries that intend to visit Turkey.

Cambodian nationals are amongst the many countries that are entitled to request a Turkish eVisa by completing an online application form.

Turkey’s implementation of the eVisa has speeded up the process of requesting a travel authorization and its approval for Cambodians. Having a Turkish electronic visa will also speed up immigration queues once arrived in the country making it easier for travelers to enter.

Applying for a Turkish eVisa as a Citizen of Cambodia

The Turkish eVisa can be requested from anywhere in the world, all Cambodian nationals will need is a working internet connection and the necessary documents required by Turkey.

Applying for a Turkish eVisa is a fast and easy process. The Turkey eVisa application form only takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete, where citizens of Cambodia will be asked to answer personal questions such as:

  • Name/last name
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Current address
  • Phone number
  • Passport details will also be required during the completion of the form:
  • Passport number
  • Issue date expiration date

Turkish eVisa for Cambodians: Documents & conditions required

There is a series of other documents and conditions that need to be met by citizens of Cambodia in order to obtain a Turkey eVisa. These Turkish visa entry requirements are related to different areas and pieces of information:

Digital picture

A digital copy of the biographical page and digital passport-type photograph will need to be submitted by Cambodians before finishing the application.

This photograph must have a white or light background, and the Cambodian applicant should not wear any head garments or sunglasses. The picture must be taken front faced and the applicant’s head and shoulders should be centered.

In order to meet the requirements, it is recommended that the photo is taken in a professional studio following the Turkey passport photo guidelines.

Vaccination and other health-related data

Medical information will need to be entered in the application as well as the Cambodian applicant’s criminal record.

When traveling to the country it is important for the Cambodian visitor to revise what vaccinations are essential before entering Turkey. Besides the routine vaccines, travelers should have the vaccination for measles, hepatitis A, B, and rabies.

Contact details

When completing the Turkish eVisa application the Cambodian national must also enter an active email address, this is where they will receive updates on the status of their visa process and if approved this is where it will be sent.

Payment method

Once finished, the Cambodian requester will need to have a hold of a debit or credit card to pay for application fees.

Before submitting the application all the information entered should be revised to avoid any mistakes that will affect the process of its approval.

Turkish eVisa for Cambodian nationals: Processing time

If all the information and documents entered during the application process are correct and valid, the processing time will range from 1 to 3 business days.

It is advised to apply at least 72 hours prior to the travel date to ensure the Cambodian requester receives the approved eVisa before entering Turkey.

Once the approval has been sent to the requester’s email address, it is advised to have a printed copy of the eVisa on the date of travel.

The Turkish eVisa has a validity period of 180 days from the date it is issued, the time the Cambodian national can spend inside of Turkey is 30 days from the date they enter.

Turkish Visa Types for Cambodians

The visas available for Cambodian nationals are:

The tourist Turkish eVisa is the permit that allows Cambodian visitors to enter the country for leisure or business purposes.

Business purposes include meetings, conferences, courses, and conventions. Cambodians must note this visa is not a work permit, which means holders of this visa cannot work in the country.

The Turkish transit visa is a visa used by travelers that have connecting flights in Turkey and have enough time to leave the airport. If the traveler is staying longer than 2 days it is advised to apply for the Turkish eVisa.

The Turkish visa on arrival is only issued to countries eligible for its request, and it is applied for in airports and designated land border crossings. Cambodia is not eligible for the request for a visa on arrival.

Turkish visa extensions for Cambodian travelers

Visa extensions are available for Cambodian holders of the Turkish eVisa that wish to extend their time in Turkey. The approval of this visa extension will depend on the circumstances for which it is applied.

Travelers from Cambodia should visit immigration officials, police stations, or embassies to request a visa extension. It is important that Cambodian nationals do not overstay the time granted to be in the country.

Turkish Ports of Entry for Cambodian Visitors

Turkey has many airports, land borders, and sea checkpoints that can be used by Cambodian visitors that hold a Turkish eVisa.

If Cambodian travelers are planning to enter through one of Turkey’s land border crossings, they are required to have some of the same documents they need when entering through other ports of entry, such as having a 6-month validity on their passports along with their approved eVisas.

If they are entering with their own vehicle some necessary documentation must also be presented such as an international drivers’ license, vehicle registration, and insurance.