Turkey eVisa for Armenian Citizens

In 2013, Turkish government officials launched the Turkish electronic visa system for those travelers who want to visit the country.

This eVisa application system for Turkey allows Armenian nationals, along with other 90 nationalities, to request this travel authorization online and completing a short and easy application form.

Read more to know what eVisa entry requirements need to be met, and how to apply online for a Turkey visa as an Armenian citizen.

Turkish eVisa Requirements and Conditions for Armenian Visitors

All Armenian nationals who are traveling to Turkey must first meet a number of requirements and conditions in order to apply for the Turkish eVisa. These include information about Armenian applicants’ identity, passport information, and contact and payment details.

Identity information should be filled in with the Armenian’s full name, birth date, birthplace, nationality, gender, and marital status. The name section must match the one on the Armenian’s passport.

Armenian applicants must also hold a passport issued by the Armenian government with 6 months or more validity at the time of the travel. Passport details such as passport number, date issued and the date of expiration should be filled in as well.

It will also be required to submit a digital copy of the passport´s information page and a digital passport-type photograph, which must have a white or light background, while the traveler’s face should be centered and clear.

Turkey eVisa: Completing the online form as Armenian

The Turkish online form takes 15 minutes to complete, during which the Armenian passport holders must answer questions of all sorts.

When completing the Turkey electronic visa application, Armenians will be asked for their health condition and criminal records, if any.

Therefore, it is advisable for citizens of Armenia to know what vaccinations are required when traveling to Turkey. The acquisition of a travel health insurance to cover any medical emergencies when in Turkey is also recommended.

Then, Armenian applicants must enter contact information that requires having an active email address.

All questions should be answered correctly and truthfully. Answering any of these questions wrongfully could result in a delay or denial of the application process.

Once completed the application, payment of the processing fee should be made with a debit or credit card.

Processing time to obtain a Turkey eVisa from Armenia

Once the Armenian national meets all the requirements and submits the application, the processing times can vary from 1 to 3 working days.

All information regarding the status and approval of the Turkish eVisa will be sent to the applicant’s email address.

Turkish Visa Types for Armenian Nationals

When traveling to Turkey, Armenian nationals should keep in mind the type of visa they are eligible to apply for.

Turkish eVisa is available for Armenian passport holders that wish to visit the country, which can be obtained from anywhere in the world by just using an active internet connection. This means the Armenian requester does not have to be inside of Armenia when applying.

This visa is designated for tourist and business matters such as conferences, meetings, and courses. It is important that the holder of the business eVisa know that this is not a work permit and they should under no circumstance work in the country with this type of visa.

Turkish transit visa for Armenia

There are other types of visas available such as the Turkish Transit Visa, which is used by those travelers with a connecting flight in Turkey who have enough time to leave the airport and enter for a short period of time.

Armenians seeking to stay longer than 2 days should apply for the Turkish eVisa instead.

Turkey visa on arrival for Armenia: is it available?

The visa on arrival to enter Turkey, also known as the VoA to Turkey, is a type of travel authorization obtained once passengers arrive at one of the permitted ports of entry.

This permit is only granted to select countries. Armenia is not in the list of eligible countries to apply for this type of visa.

However, in any case, travelers from all over the world are advised to apply for a Turkey eVisa instead since it is easier, more convenient, and faster to obtain: no queues, no waiting hours in the airport, and no paper documents are required.

Turkey eVisa validity for Armenian travelers

Although in most cases the eVisa to visit Turkey is a multiple-entry permit, in the specific case of Armenian nationals, the eVisa to Turkey functions as a single-entry authorization that can be used for a maximum period of 30 days.

It is important to not overstay in Turkish territory. However, in case visitors from Armenia wish to extend their visiting time in Turkey, they should visit the nearest embassy, police station, or an immigration office to request a Turkish visa extension. This permit will only be granted if the reason to stay is justified.

Turkish Ports of Entry Available for Armenians

Other than the 35 international airports found in Turkey there are 10 road border crossings that connect Turkey with its neighboring countries like Georgia, Iran, Bulgaria, and Greece.

All these road crossings require the same documentation as airports in Turkey: a valid Armenian passport with a validity of 6 months or more, and the approved Turkish eVisa.

Armenians traveling with their own vehicle are required to have an international driver’s license and proper insurance.