Turkey e-Visa for Algerian Citizens

Going to Turkey can be the trip of a lifetime. The Anatolian peninsula is one of the oldest permanently settled regions in the world and is currently home to 16 UNESCO world heritage sights. Visit the ancient Greek port city of Ephesus which boasts one of the seven wonders of the world, the Temple of Artemis. Admire the spectacular landscape of Cappadocia from above via hot air balloon, or from below by exploring underground towns dating back to the 4th century.

Istanbul, which straddles Europe and Asia, was once known as Constantinople, the capital of the Roman Empire, and it remains the cultural capital of modern-day Turkey. Combining ancient structures like the Hagia Sophia with more modern installations like Orhan Pamuk’s Museum of Innocence, Istanbul has something for everyone.

Visiting Turkey gives travelers a chance to immerse themselves in history as they have never seen it before, not to mention a chance to feed themselves as they have never fed before. Travelers can enjoy kebabs, baklava, or the chance to eat balık ekmek (fish sandwich) under Istanbul’s Galata Bridge.

Before packing their bags, Algerian travelers can ensure a smooth trip by applying for a Turkish e-visa.

Are Algerians Eligible for a Turkish e-Visa?

Turkey requires visitors from most countries to apply for visas, but the good news is that citizens of more than 90 countries, including Algeria, can get their electronic visa for Turkey by completing a simple online application.

This means that it is easier than ever to travel from Algeria to Turkey. Instead of standing in long lines and filling out mountains of paperwork at the embassy, Algerians can now apply for a Turkish e-visa from the comfort of their own homes with just a few clicks.

As long as they have the appropriate documents to meet Turkey’s visa requirements for Algerian citizens, travelers will be able to fill out their online application in no time, often receiving their results within 24 hours.

Turkey e-Visa for Algerians: Documents Required

Before filling out the e-visa application online, Algerian citizens can prepare the following documents:

  • A valid passport: The Algerian passport must be valid for at least 150 days, or 5 months, past the date that the traveler enters Turkey
  • An email address: Applicants must provide an email address through which they will receive their e-Visa and relevant notifications
  • Personal information: To fill out the application form, applicants will be asked to provide information like their name, the place, and date of their birth, and contact details such as their current address and phone number, as well as their parents’ names
  • A form of payment: A credit or debit card will be needed to pay the visa fee

How to Apply for a Turkey Online Visa from Algeria

Once a traveler has collected all the relevant documents, they can fill out the online application form. They will be asked to input their personal information as well as their passport number and its date of issue and expiry.

Applicants are advised to review their details to ensure they are free from errors before paying the fee. Applicants can expect their results within 24-72 hours, and it is recommended that they apply for their e-Visa at least 72 hours ahead of their scheduled trip.

Types of Turkish Visas for Algerian Passport Holders

While there are various different types of visas, for those Algerians looking to enjoy Turkey’s beauty and cuisine on vacation, the tourist e-Visa will suffice. Those who would like to study or work may have to apply for a different visa. It is important to note that Algerian citizens are not eligible for Turkish on-arrival, which are in any case more expensive and time-consuming than e-Visas.

If a traveler plans only to catch a connecting flight in Turkey, they will need to apply for a Turkey transit visa. Algerian passport holders can get a transit visa through the Turkey e-Visa system. If travelers plan on passing through immigration to spending time in Turkey, even if just to kill time during a layover, they will also need an e-Visa.

Traveling From Algeria to Turkey

With a three-hour direct flight from Tangier to Istanbul, Algerian travelers can quickly get to enjoy all that Turkey has to offer.

Before travelers head out, they must make sure they have enough time to get the appropriate vaccines for traveling to Turkey. Travelers should schedule an appointment with their doctor at least six weeks before their trip.

Algerians traveling on an e-Visa are allowed single-entry and can be in Turkey for up to 30 days. If travelers would like to stay longer, they may follow specific recommendations to renew or extend their visas.

With an e-Visa in hand, Algerian travelers arriving in Turkey can expect a smooth ride through the airport and will be out exploring in no time.