How to Renew or Extend a Turkish Visa

renew extend turkey visa

It is not uncommon for travelers to wish to extend or renew a Turkish visa while in Turkey. Depending on personal circumstances, there are different options that travelers can choose. It is also vital that travelers make sure that whilst trying to renew or extend a Turkish visa, they do not overstay the visa. This can violate immigration laws and lead to consequences such as fines or other penalties.

Make sure that you are aware of the validity period for your visa in order to plan accordingly and avoid having to either extend, renew or overstay your visa. The Turkish eVisa is valid for a total of 90 days during a 180-day period.

What Happens If You Overstay Your Visa in Turkey?

If you have overstayed your visa, you will be required to leave the country. It will be more difficult to renew a visa whilst in Turkey with an expired visa. Therefore, the best option is to leave Turkey and apply for another visa. This can be done simply online without having to attend an embassy appointment, as travelers can apply online by filling out a simple application form.

However, if you overstay your visa for a long period of time, you may be sanctioned for having done so. Penalties and fines vary depending on the severity of your overstay. In some countries, it is common to be listed down as someone who has previously broken the law, overstayed a visa or violated immigration laws. This can complicate future stays in the country.

In conclusion, it is better to avoid overstaying your visa at all costs. Note down your travel plans and organize them in accordance with the permitted stay given by the visa, which in the case of the electronic Turkish visa is 90 days within a period of 180 days. 

Can You Extend Your Tourist Visa for Turkey?

If you are in Turkey and wish to extend your tourist visa, you can visit immigration officials, an embassy or police station to consult the necessary action that you must take. It may be possible to extend your visa based on reasons for the extension, your nationality, and the initial purposes of visiting.

If you are an assigned journalist working in Turkey, you will be able to obtain a “visa annotated for press”. A temporary press card will be issued to you for a stay of 3 months. Should journalists require an extension, it will be possible to extend the authorization for a further 3 months.

It is not possible to extend the tourist visa for Turkey online. Applicants who wish to extend a tourist visa will most likely need to leave Turkey and reapply for another eVisa for Turkey. Visa extensions may only be accepted if you have a certain amount of time left on the validity of your visa. If your visa has already expired or is about to, there is much less possibility of a visa extension and travelers will be expected to leave Turkey.

A Turkey visa renewal is, therefore, dependent on the applicant and documents on the visa holder, as well as their nationality and reasons for renewal. In addition to renewal, travelers may also be able to apply for a short term residence permit instead of renewing their Turkish visa. Travelers visiting the country with a business visa can be interested in this option.

Option of Applying for a Short Term Residence Permit

There may be some cases where you can apply for a short term residence permit for Turkey. In this case, you will require a valid visa and need to take the necessary documentation to immigration officials in order to apply. Documents such as a valid passport will be necessary in order to accept your application for a short term residence permit in Turkey. The administrative immigration department that will be most likely to process this request is the Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration.

When applying for a Turkish visa online, be sure to note the validity of the visa in order to program your travels specifically to the validity length of the visa. This will enable you to avoid overstaying your visa or having to renew your visa whilst still in Turkey.