Visiting Antalya as a Tourist: Travel Guide

Visit Antalya in turkey travel information

Antalya is one of the biggest cities in Turkey and is probably the country’s most significant vacationist hotspot after Istanbul. Traveling to Antalya as a tourist, however, requires a little preparation prior to a visit.

This guide provides an introduction to the 8th biggest city in Turkey and one of the country’s most important tourist focal points. It explains how to prepare to travel to Antalya, what kind of weather to expect and the unmissable attractions that tourists can find.

How to Get to Antalya

Tourists have many travel options when visiting Antalya for a vacation or short trip. The city is well connected within Turkey’s transportation network making it easy for visitors to arrive by a number of different means.

Arriving in Antalya by Air Travel

Antalya’s international airport is just 13km from the city center. It has 2 international and one domestic terminal and is able to accommodate nearly 20 million passengers every year.

Most foreign tourists traveling to Turkey by plane will need a Turkish visa to enter the country. This needs to be obtained prior to arrival. Visitors can either acquire travel authorization from a local Turkish embassy or consulate or alternatively obtain it easily via an online application form.

Traveling to Antalya by Car or Bus

In addition to the airport, visitors traveling by car or bus have numerous options available for getting in and around the city. National bus companies offer services to and from Antalya to destinations across Turkey and travelers touring the country by car are able to arrive in the city via state highways:

  • D650
  • D400
  • E87

Weather Conditions in Antalya

The area around the city is known as the Turkish Riviera for a good reason. It experiences hot and dry summers and mild rainy winters and a typically Mediterranean climate throughout the year. Antalya on average experiences around 300 sunny days every year, making it a great spot for Sun worshippers.

  • Average summer daytime temperature: 30 – 34ºC
  • Average winter daytime temperature: 14 – 17ºC

What to do In and Around Antalya

While Antalya itself is full of activities, that doesn’t tell the full story of this beautiful travel destination. The areas surrounding the city around the Gulf of Antalya also offer spectacular sights to see and unmissable attractions.

A Trip to Antalya’s Beaches

Antalya is famous for its beaches and is a great destination for a seaside holiday. There are however two famed local spots that most tourists flock to. These are Konyaalti Beach and Lara Beach.

Konyaalti Beach is the most prestigious and developed of the two. This coarse sanded beach stretches for 7km on the western side of the city and sits between cliffs and the Beydağları Mountains. It is fully manned by lifeguards and provides onsite showering and changing facilities.

Lara Beach, on the other hand, extends to a full 10km East of the Kaleiçi. This sandy and pebblestone beach just 45 minutes from the city centre also offers full facilities such as showers, chairs, in addition to many restaurants and leisure facilities.

Historical And Cultural Attraction’s Around Antalya

Turkey is home to numerous UNESCO heritage sites and many historical remnants. This is very much the case in Antalya too as the city was once a major settlement in the Byzantine Empire and later the Ottoman Empire. Tourists can enjoy several preserved artifacts and structures dating back to as early as the 3rd Century in and around the local area such as:

  • Hadrian’s Gate
  • Antalya Museum
  • The Roman Harbor
  • Kaleiçi (Antalya’s Old Town)
  • Yivliminare Mosque

Antalya’s Natural Landmarks

The region around Antalya is enthralling in terms of natural variety. The city itself sits atop tall coastal cliffs, boasts vistas of the Taurus Mountains and is home to the spectacular Düden Waterfalls.

However, just a short distance outside the city visitors will find canyons, wild rivers, and beautiful green national parks. These are not only breathtaking to enjoy while hiking, but there are numerous adventure tours offering white water rafting, canyoning, and climbing. Some of the top natural sights to see while in Antalya include:

  • Düden Waterfalls
  • Karain Cave
  • Koprulu Canyon National Park
  • Altinbesik Cave National Park
  • Termessos National Park

Antalya is a beautiful destination to enjoy on a vacation. It mixes ancient history with a vibrant thriving contemporary culture and glorious beaches. It’s surely one of Turkey’s must-see cities.

To travel to Turkey from abroad, tourists require a valid visa. This can be speedily obtained online by citizens of eligible countries within 24 hours. Turkish eVisas are valid for a period of 3 months from the date of arrival allowing tourists a simpler process of entering the country for a vacation.